Watsonville Law Center Reflection Paper

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This semester, I had to keep a journals of all my activities related to the class readings, class discussions, and my internship experience at the Watsonville Law Center. Our section theme is social justice and feminist theory: Investigating race, class, and gender inequalities in American society. The readings provided interesting facts about the history of the United States, that aren’t mentioned in standard history textbooks. According to Zinn, “There is not a country in the world history in which racism has been more important, for a long time, as the United States” (23). Zinn’s ultimate goal is to free that past by telling the people’s story. He seeks to tell the untold truths of indigenous people, slaves, slave women, women, and servants.…show more content…
And how transgender people aren’t treated equally to all other people. A goal of mine is to ensure every individual is treated fairly, and as equals regardless of their race, class, gender, or sexual orientation. For my senior capstone project, I chose to fulfill the internship option, I wanted to gain hands on experience in my profession before graduating and entering the workforce. Working at the WLC and providing legal aid services that correlates with our class theme, I was able to ensure all low-income people have equal access to social justice. By helping undocumented individual apply for DACA, and assisting citizens with criminal records apply for record change. Regardless of the persons, race, gender, or sexual preference. Providing these services are essential parts of ensuring everyone has equal access to social
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