Waves of Innovation in Project Management

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Project Management Waves of Innovation
Figure 1: Waves of innovation of the first and the next industrial revolution Project Management has reached a point in human development in which it must face new and emerging challenges. Through the course of history major developments in technology can be thought of in waves. With each wave the there is a revolution in the systems that are developed to improve the quality of life. Examples range from the utilization of iron as a resource to steam power all the way to the internet and communication technology. The primary difference in the six wave of innovation is that the carrying capacity of the Earth and its natural systems are beginning to be jeopardized. Climate change, a term used interchangeably with global warming, is a phenomenon that has commanded the attention of the academic community for some time now. This issue stands at the forefront because unlike more local or regional based environmental issues, climate change has the potential to negatively alter the natural systems of the entire planet (Byg & Salick, 2009). With the world population recently climbing to over seven billion people, many researchers are questioning the natural ecosystem's ability to support the global population (Hanna & Osborne-Lee, 2011). Theoretically, humans will reach a point in which the regenerative capacity of the planet will no longer support the physical requirements of the population; if that point has not been crossed already.
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