Waving Through A Window Analysis

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The story of “Waving Through A Window” is a song in the musical Dear Evan Hansen with music and lyrics by Benji Pasek and Justin Paul. The musical outlines the main character Evan Hansen, a high schooler with social anxiety disorder. His feelings of rejection seen throughout the performance and soundtrack extend specifically to his deadbeat father whom we never meet, his single mother Heidi, who spends all her time either at her nursing job or studying to become a paralegal, and his unrequited affection for a junior named Zoe Murphy which set the stones of him as a person that we see over the course of the musical. His therapist assigns him to write letters to himself about how ‘today is going to be a good day and here’s why’ which becomes the spark for the plot of the story. Even so, Evan doesn't actually believe any amazing days are coming his way, so what he writes instead is a cry for help from a desperate kid who's lost all hope of ever feeling part of the world that swirls around him. The events leading up to the song has Evan chatting with his family friend, the closest thing he has to an actual friend, Jared Kleinman. Jared proceeds to tease Connor Murphy - the school’s resident Boo Radley - on his appearance by calling his style “very school shooter chic” which leads to a negative interaction between Evan and Connor. Evan is then pushed to the ground as Jared and Connor disappear through the halls. This prompts Zoe, Connor’s little sister, to apologize on her
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