Waw Wolf Short Story

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Post- The boy who cried wolf

In the end the townsfolk never did find the rest of that boy’s sheep herd. As a week went by the weeping went with it also, As the boy ever so slowly got over the sheep of his lost herd. He decided to change to not become a liar but, to become a hero and to get revenge upon that wolf. The townsfolk were glad that he had stopped being the ‘Boy who cried wolf’ but, now they were more worried about him than the sheep. He seemed angry as the wolf had ruined his herd. So they decided to confront him about this and they asked “ Are you ok boy do you need help.” The boy only smiled and said, “No need there will not be any need for help.” The boy then walked off and left the village. The boy had already found out where the wolf went. This was because he followed the wolf's trail which ended at a immense gap in a mountain that looked like it stretched beyond the sky.

This cave was covered in wolf tracks from all directions. The cave seemed as if it was once a large den of wolves. It entrance was like a mouth that swallowed up everything that went in.

The boy then took the first step in. As he treaded along this unfamiliar landscape he felt very anxious. Tons of questions zoomed through his mind.

‘What will I do to the wolf?’ ‘Is the wolf even here?’ ‘WILL I DIE?’ This startled the boy. He did not want to die when he had so much to live for.

He started running to the exit but, he glanced some movement at the exit of the cave and he tripped,

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