Way Of War

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Warfare is a relentless pursuit to gain an edge on the opponent and defeat him as quickly as possible and minimize your own losses. The new American way of war uses massive firepower, excels in advanced technology, and pursues total victory. Backed by U.S. mighty military power, the new American way of war has put on impressive shows in wars in Iraq, the former Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan. The new American way of war is faster in maneuver, armed with sharper precision firepower, and advanced command and control. This new American way of war, according to Max Boot, avoids the traditional, industrial-age necessity of overwhelming force in favor of maneuver, flexibility, and speed, all empowered by greater use of C4ISR, smart munitions, special…show more content…
An overwhelming emphasis on direct action and combat operations instead of stability operations. This is what the US military does, crush America’s enemies, but it took years to get there. After the disaster of Vietnam, the morale, discipline and battle worthiness of the U.S. Armed Forces were, with a few exceptions, lower and worse than at any time in possibly the history of the United States. The US military drastically needed to overhaul it training doctrine and upgrade the Army’s training programs. In 1973, Maj. Gen. William E. DePuy established the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) with the mission to fix recruiting, bolster retention rates, improve the quality of personnel, develop management and training practices, increase soldier life-style, and repair the public image of the Army. No small task, but General DePuy pushed forward with what the Secretary of the Army wanted, but it led to new questions about doctrine and how wars would be fought in the future. Later that year Egypt and Syria invaded…show more content…
During Operation Desert Storm, it became evident to the world that there was a new American way of war and it was arguably a new revolution in military warfare. First, it was the speed in which entire divisions could move so fast they consistently outmaneuvered the enemy. The speed and mobility in which the US military drove into the heart of enemy lines put the Blitzkrieg to shame. Complete air-superiority gave US commanders total command and control of the airspace and denied the Iraqi’s the ability to conduct their own ISR. Second, it was the new technological advancements in night-vision and thermal imaging that gave the US military the ability to truly “own the night.” Night vision and thermal imaging enabled tank commanders to see the heat signatures of Iraqi tanks hiding the desert in the middle of the night and kill them. The latest generation electro-optics attached to sniper scopes, helicopters, and special forces troops took the battle into the night to a level previously unseen in the history of warfare. In addition, advancements in global positioning systems for navigation, location tracking, and precision guided munitions. Never before has there been the ability of a military to drop bombs sometimes miles away and be remotely guided to their target with precise lethality. Enemy government buildings
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