Wayca Capac Summary

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November ( 1524- 27 ) A land of wonders
• Francisco Pizarro Made his first voyage to the new world in November
• Pizarro's second voyage ( November 1526 to 1527) was much larger, with 160 men and several horses carried in two ships.
April 1528 Puerto Pizarro
• After spending seven months on Gorgon Island, Pizarro and his men set sail for Columbia and Ecuador. They traveled down the mangrove coast. Here, they encountered more balsa rafts. The Indians continued to sail the coast until they recognized there home town,
Tumbes. When the indigenous people saw the ship on the sea they were amazed. They prepared foods for the Spaniards and sailed out to the ship to greet them.
Spring 1528 Death of the Inca
• The Inca Governor at Tumbes sent his runners with all speed to the
Inca Wayna Capac. Who was near Quito resting after battle. The Inca
Wayna Capac was concerned about the outbreak of pestilence in the heart of his empire. The outbreak of smallpox swept through his army taking out his trusted generals and catching the virus himself. As
Wayna Capac's health worsened, he was asked to name his successor sources claim he choose his son or his younger brother this decision led his empire to a bloody civil war.
Summer 1529 Audience with The King
• Pizarro returned elated to Panama and there the partners formulated their plan of conquest. He then took a ship to Spain looking for backers and royal approval. He was received a court by Charles V and showed the king Peruvian
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