Wayne Williams: Atlanta Child Killer Fiber Forensics Study

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Wayne Bertram Williams: Atlanta Child Killer Police circulated this photo at the time showing victims of the Atlanta killings. Photo from CNN Forensic Fiber Analysis Case Study The best-known, if not the best-reasoned fiber case in American legal history involving fiber evidence issues is the Wayne Williams trial growing out of the famous Atlanta murders of twelve African-American males in 1979-1980. The Williams case involved all of the subjects still in controversy as we enter the world of forensic science and forensic evidence in the 21st century (Kiely 142). Wayne Bertram Williams was born on in Atlanta Georgia on May 27, 1958. Both his parents, Faye and Homer Williams were both school teachers. Wayne graduated…show more content…
Additionally, a scanning electron microscope was used occasionally by the state’s experts. (Supreme Court) Agent Deadman testified about the fibers taken from Williams’, the cars, and his dwelling. He took samples of fibers from a bedspread, a blanket, and carpeting in Williams’ bedroom, fibers from the carpet in a white station wagon and a LTD, trunk liner fibers from a Plymouth and the LTD, fibers from a throw rug and a carpet used on the porch or garage, carpet fibers in a workroom, vacuum sweepings from the station wagon and from

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