Wayne Williams Essay

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Wayne Williams was charged with murdering two people in Atlanta, Georgia. Shockingly enough, he was also linked to the killing of ten other boys. The way the evidence effected this trial is what makes the case so well known. There were 28 different types of fibers linking Williams to the murder victims. That can be an overwhelming amount of evidence. This case happened in the 1980s and the evidence presented in the case was crucial to proving Williams guilt. While investigations were going on to determine how victims died, there was a discovery of fibers on the victims’ bodies. The goal of the investigator was to determine if any fibers in Wayne Williams home or person matched those fibers found on the victims. Williams denied killing…show more content…
There were 28 fiber types linked to 19 items from the house, bedroom and vehicles of Wayne Williams. The prosecution responded that there were so many fiber matches between the Williams' household and the victims that it was impossible for the victims not to have been in Williams' home and cars. So the big question: were the fibers so common that they could have been picked up anywhere, or did they link Williams to the murder?
The problem with fiber evidence is that fibers are not unique. They are not like fingerprints. They are not considered solid evidence, because there are a lot of what ifs? The fibers linked this case in the first place, but who’s to say they make Williams the murderer. Personally, I think there is too much play room with fibers. Apparently the matching fibers were taken only from victims. Only one individual red cotton fiber was found at the Williams home. Could this be found in somewhere else, also? I think so. Not one fiber from any victim was found anywhere near the carpet in the Williams' house. After studying this case, I do think that Wayne Williams committed the murders, but I do not think that the fiber evidence is reliable. Unfortunately, the fibers could be found elsewhere so how does that pin point Williams as the
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