Wayne Williams Thesis Statement

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Wayne Williams was born on May 27th, 1958 to Homer and Faye Williams of Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from Douglass High School and furthered his education at Georgia State University, but later dropped out to explore a new talent. Williams took a specific interest in music, pursuing a career in radio and managing a band. Williams’ educational background and career both were pivotal to his defense. In 1979, children and teens seemed to simple vanish. Each child met certain criteria: young, black, and from Atlanta. The first two victims, Edward Smith and Alfred Evans, who were both 14 years old, disappeared four days apart in June. Both of their bodies were found close together in a remote, wooded area of South Atlanta one month later. Nine-year-old Yusuf Bell went missing on October 21st, 1979 and his body was recovered November 8th of the same year. Police did not connect the dots with Bell’s murder because he was fully clothed, found in a remote area, but was strangled to death, unlike Smith and Evans, who were shot with a .22 caliber. Williams’ next alleged victim, 12-year-old Angel Lenair, was also strangled. She was found in an abandoned lot, fully clothed, with child underwear stuffed in her mouth.…show more content…
The racial tension and confession of KKK members surrounding the murder are also very suspicious. Were the confessions thoroughly investigated? Witnesses of many of the child murders also note two black men, not one. It is very hard to believe that only one person acted alone to plan, kidnap, and murder all 30 victims of a two-year span. If Williams was guilty, should it have been more evidence and convicted of more than just two murders? I am unsure if Wayne Williams committed these crimes, due to the lack of evidence, the ease of the trial, and biological

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