Ways Of Being By Indigenous People

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Ways of Being
Indigenous people believe that they are part of the existing entities and have rights to earned and bestowed the resources to country, self and others (Martin & Mirraboopa, 2003). They thought that physical world is co-existed with human world. So that they must protect the physical world as their guardians (Martin & Mirraboopa, 2003). Their ways of being also change when the relations change among the people and amongst the entities. The experiences of one is for all and the experiences of others are also for one; this is learnt each other through “reciprocity, obligation, shared experiences, coexistence, cooperation and social memory” (Martin & Mirraboopa, 2003, p. 210). Arbon (2008) also state that being is embodiment,
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Australian Indigenous epistemology is the communication and interpretation and experiencing of physical world, human world and scared world with the Indigenous perspectives of knowing, being and doing. Base on the literature review, the Australian Indigenous epistemology can be described as the following diagram. First of all, human world received the knowledge from physical world by experiencing, controlling and organizing their ways of knowing. Then, this knowledge is embodied, reciprocal and relatedness to apply in the communication and co-existing processes with other entities, to create ways of being. The ways of being support the emergence of scared world through sharing and learning processes of Indigenous community. In addition, ways of doing is synthesis and articulation of Indigenous ways of knowing and ways of being to develop laws, power, culture and essence to assist the scared world. Likewise, scared world also contributes the ways of doing by setting up the concept of do no harm approach and co-existence with other entitles to maintain and guard to become a sustainable physical world. To sum up, Australian indigenous epistemology is a unique and the steps are link each other as a packed one in its origin.
In conclusion, there are many articles related to Australian Indigenous epistemology, but this article reflects and review the Indigenous epistemology that develop by Indigenous scholars and all the resources are
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