Ways To Overcome Medication Errors In Nursing

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The learning exercise, 8.10, is in regard to overcoming resistance to a needed change. Imagine you are a charge nurse on a hospital unit. Your facility recently implemented a new safeguard measure for medication administration, BCMA scanning system. The new medication administration system is supposed to decrease medication errors and improve patient safety. The new bar-coding system works in the following way, the nurse administering medications scans her own badge, the patients’ hospital arm band, the medication to be administered, and lastly verifies the medication against the patients’ medication record.
You have become aware that various staff members are not using the system as it was intended, instead they are using various shortcut;
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There are plenty of safety checks at our finger tips to ensure we don’t encounter such an event. However, the safety checks do not work unless they are utilized correctly. According to the Joint the Commission medication errors in 2016 lead to 33 sentinel events (2017). Technology cannot prevent medication errors, however, if used properly can drastically help reduce errors. It is important as nurses, no matter how busy, remember our patient safety always comes first. Learning to overcome the challenges of finding a balance among individuals who are noncompliant, is arduous to manage. However, using a combination of strategies, you can motivate others to improve their strengths and encourage consistent behaviors during administrative changes. Thus, allowing for the acceptance and adaptations of new technologies, procedures, and skills needed by the staff. It may take time to learn the new procedures and proper use of the equipment. There however, must be a balance between allowing for adequate time for proper education and implementation of the procedure. When we look at the end goal, applying strategies from the various management types you increase the likelihood of the change being successful. "By selecting from each set of strategies, the change agent increases the chance of successful change” (Marquis & Houston, 2015p.
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