Ways To Overcome Racism On Campus

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“We must learn to walk this earth as brothers or we will perish together as fools” -Martin Luther King Jr. Becoming racist is like learning to talk you aren’t born knowing how to talk but you have to learn it day after day and hear it from other people. Kids aren’t born racist they grow up learning it from the people they are around. It is shown how the black and white students at Missouri State University are right for taking a stand against the racism that is going on in their Campus, how the racism is unethical and what we can do as a nation to stop things like this from happening.
November 9th 2015 was the day when the students finally had enough and decided things needed to change. Jonathan Butler who is a graduate student on campus began a hunger strike. Him and many other students on campus has expressed that Tim Wolfe who was the president on campus was not doing his job and felt he didn’t care that there were racial and many other hateful crimes being done. Getting Tim Wolfe out of the president spot was so important to Jonathan that he was willing to die. The problem here is the fact that people are being threatened and the people who are suppose to protect them and stand up for them
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“People been talking about it, We won’t just stand here in silence, Can’t stop the fire from rising from rising ooh ooh. People don’t you be afraid, So many innocents slain, This is an era for change. Malcom's probably turning in his grave. Every shade was beautifully made. And powerful there’s so much strength in you and me, Powerful, A breath away from victory i matter you matter we matter all, i matter you matter we matter all, Powerful, Powerful.” -Powerful By: Alicia Keys And Jussie Smollett. There should be no reason racism is acceptable we’re all humans and it’s time for us to start acting like
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