Ways for a Company to Think Creatively

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REFRENCED ESSAY Recently, competition in business seems fiercely competitive. Due to fulfill human’s needs and taste, there are many new companies with their own products and service. However, not all companies can keep competing with other companies, if they cannot find new way to grab customer’s attention. That is one argument why a company needs creative thinking in order to be successful. According to Renee C, creative thinking can keep the company on the top of business and help them to succeed. This essay will describe three significant reasons why business needs to have creative thinking. Firstly, creative thinking helps company in improving the quality and function of their products. The company can stay up-to-date, advanced and knows what kind of taste is trending in society. For example, a famous company with their innovative designs in making smartphones, named Apple. Apple always stays up-to-date in making smartphones with new designs and features. This is the one that scares Apple’s competitors in business (Bajarin 07/05/2012). By improving the quality of the products, the company can keep the customers to buy their products. Then, creative thinking is also an effective way in increasing productivity. The company can produce more outputs, but in the same time, it can save more money from producing the products. By applying creative thinking in business, a company can create many new ideas that attract many customers. As Renee C argues, “Creative thinking is
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