Ways in Which Engineers Have Considered the Impact on Society of Oresund Bridge

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The considerations of the impact of Oresund Bridge were being made such as using this link to promote commuting and the exchange of culture between Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmo in Sweden (Oresundsbro Konsortiet 2008, p. 2). Engineers believed that culture exchange between Sweden and Denmark can make their relationship even closer by knowing each other’s culture.

For the culture of Sweden, Swedes normally are egalitarian, which means that Swedes are the person who supports the principle of equality for all people (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 2014). Swedes are humble and cannot accept boasting (Sweden-language, culture, customs and etiquette 2013). Swedes often give thanks and their behaviours are strongly balanced towards moderation. Swedes work hard but not too hard and they will go enjoy themselves without participating in something which is extreme. Also, due to the strong egalitarianism, competition is not encouraged in Sweden.

Meanwhile in Denmark, the Danes are being called as the world’s happiest people. Danes are always satisfied with the way they live (Danish culture and lifestyle 2013). Danes are also generous because they are much aware of their high living standard.…
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