Ways to Combat Corruption

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WAYS TO COMBAT CORRUPTION Corruption - defined as 'the abuse of public power for personal ends ' - has always existed. Corruption occurs when organisations or individuals profit improperly through their position in an activity, and thereby cause damage or loss. The most disquieting aspect of the widespread corruption is the fact that it is not anymore confined to politicians or the government machinery alone. It is prevalent amongst almost every section of the society at every level. Corruption hampers national, economic, social and political progress. It reduces competition and efficiency. This results in lowering of effectiveness, productivity and fair competitiveness. Corruption flourishes because it is a low-risk,…show more content…
21. The system of e-governance should be introduced. 22. Complete transparency, accountability and easy accessibility at all rungs of Government can go a long way in solving the problem. 23. Discourage and curb corrupt practices and not fall in line with illegal means to get a favor. 24. Getting work done in speedy and easy manner, the people should in no way bolster corruption. 25. It is to be remembered that proffering bribe is also crime. 26. Foster your wards in a most selfless, moral, and altruistic manner. 27. Never try to get a favor from government schemes which are unconcerned to you in any way. 28. Never strive to get easy money, it is an unbecoming act. 29. Never fall prey to the corrupt politicians for their money and wine. 30. Develop spirituality in heart to become a good citizen. In the ultimate analysis, the best solution to combat corruption is to practice what the Taitreya Upanishad preaches. Let us come together, let us enjoy together, let our strengths of knowledge come together, let there be light, let there be no poison of misunderstanding or hatred. Then we will achieve success and peace. That way lies progress. Advice abounds on ways to combat corruption but what matters is choosing and using one policy consistently. A Chinese proverb quoted in the context of protecting from corruption seems especially apt: The acid test … is not so much the measures that have been formulated, but the
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