Ways to Prevent Genocide

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GENOCIDE PREVENTION Genocide Prevention The term "genocide" was developed during the Holocaust and announced an international crime during the 1948 United Nations Convention that focused on Prevention and Punishment of genocide as a crime. Genocide is, therefore, defined as deeds committed with the aim of destroying, in whole or partially, anethnical, national, religious or racial group.Such acts include, killing followers of the group, causing serious physical or mental harm to followers of the group, intentionallyimposing on the group conditions of living aimed at bringing about its physical loss, imposing measures envisioned to prevent new births within the group, or compulsorily transferring children of the society to a different group. The "intent to destroy" certain groups is unique to the characterisation of genocide. Closely related categories of international law "crimes touching humanity" aredescribed as adverse or calculated attacks against citizens.This timeline marks the growth of the term "genocide" and its systematization into international law. Genocide is an ancient old crime.Genocides in prehistory were often organised not just to eliminate enemy ethnicities, but to integrate and exploit their representatives. It was children and women who were spared the killings. They were seen as the group least able to retaliate, and as parents of offspring for the central group.By contrast, males were often killed. The roots of gender-cideagainst men and boys are
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