Ways to Reduce Smoke from Vehicles

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In today’s ever growing concern and efforts in order to leave a less of an impact on the environment; in which in this matter we are trying to find ways to reduce smog from vehicles. The solution to this is to simply change the fuel that we use; become more efficient in using the fuel we use now or, in some cases completely remove the need for fuel. Vehicles such as these use electricity, hydrogen, or hybrid vehicles. But in this essay I will only talk about electric and hybrid vehicles. For that the use hydrogen as fuel is still at such an early stage of its process it is not yet easily accessible at the moment. As for electric vehicles and hybrids they are making a bigger and bigger stance in the automotive industry. For hybrids it is for a multiple reasons, which are; that they are highly fuel efficient, have a variety of environmental benefits, such as reducing GHG or greenhouse gasses. For all electric vehicles since they do not need any use for any type of fuel besides electricity that can be found in an everyday house outlet. Since there is no oil being burned by the vehicle itself it can ultimately lead to the improvement of air quality and other airborne issues that produced by the conventional oil burning vehicles. Also, that since these types of vehicles need to be plugged in on occasion this will help the electric grid for that is it an enabling technology or in other words a technology that sees rapid growth as well as offering new technologies in other fields
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