Wayward Pines Public Library: Database Analysis

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Botnets and their zombie armies are a real problem in the IT community as stated by Zetter. (2015) The problems that they cause are becoming more widespread and keeping computers safe is becoming more and more problematic. Additionally, the library’s ISP has put the library in a position where they must provide their cyber security, or the ISP will have no alternative to discontinuing to provide internet access to the library’s public access computers. Therefore, the solution that I have proposed to correct the problem the Wayward Pines Public Library is experiencing is not only the best option but is also considered best practice as mentioned in the prior section.

All computers need some security not only on the computer itself but
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Protecting the network would be considered the first and primary line of defense as mentioned by Boyles. (2010) At present, the only way to ensure the network is protected is to deploy a firewall appliance that performs stateful packet inspection. Let us consider another analogy. A firewall could be considered the same as a security guard at the entrance to a public building. The guard's job is to ensure only those individuals employed at the facility are allowed entry into the building. Usually accomplished by inspecting the credentials of the employees’ to make sure that are who they say they are. Those individuals that cannot produce credentials or are not allowed entrance into the facility are turned away. This is very similar to what a firewall does; it inspected packets coming into the firewall to ensure that they match a state which is maintained in the state table of the firewall. If they do them the packets are allowed to continue, however, if they do not match a state in the state table, the packets are dropped. This is an important feature of firewalls. To ensure that packets cannot harm the network and the computers on the network and to protect from attacks that originate outside the network, is in fact, one of the best solutions that can be proposed to ensure the security of the computers and network used by library
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