Wbs Example

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|INTRODUCTION: Plan and Schedule Development – | |Task Identification and Work Breakdown Structure | |The detailed guidelines and examples start on the following page | |What This Is | |First of a series of six templates for project plan and schedule development. This guideline lists the process steps for developing a work | |break down…show more content…
| |Identify how team members will be involved in creating the WBS and educate them on their role. The primary objective is to get all of the team| |participants to contribute to the definition of the work. | |Determine an appropriate organization for your WBS and begin identifying major work efforts. See the detailed guidelines which begin on the | |following page for how your WBS can be organized. | |Break the top level of your WBS further into a hierarchical set of tasks. Use the guidelines starting on the next page for deciding how far | |your WBS must be broken down to ensure that you’ve defined enough detail for scheduling your project. | |This WBS information will feed the next step in the planning/scheduling process: Assigning resources to tasks. | The Guideline and Template Content for Creating a WBS Starts on the Following Page Plan and Schedule Development – (1) Task Identification and Work Breakdown Structure Overview of WBS Creation The WBS is the first step in developing a detailed work plan for the project. Task Identification and WBS Creation bridges
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