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Project Management
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SAPM Spring 2006: Project Management


Project Management
A project is ‘a temporary endeavour to produce a unique product, service, or result’ (PMI 2004). Project management (PM) techniques were originally developed for waterfall-type projects like building construction.
PM focuses on planning, scheduling, monitoring, and controlling the complex interdependencies among subtasks.
PM techniques are particularly relevant when considering the entire project in which software development is embedded, which includes other activities such as documentation, training, hardware, etc.
SAPM Spring 2006: Project Management

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SAPM Spring 2006: Project Management


Gantt Chart extras

Gantt charts can also show summary activities (see
‘Planning’ entry), dependencies (arrows), and milestones
The dependencies make slack clear (see “Siding” entry).
SAPM Spring 2006: Project Management


All these charts assume infinite resources – things that can logically happen in parallel, are assumed to happen in parallel. In reality, there are limited resources, so there are dependencies not shown in the charts.
E.g. if only one person is available to work on the shed project, the siding and roofing tasks must be done in serial, due to the resource constraint.

SAPM Spring 2006: Project Management


Crashing/Fast tracking
If the critical path is still not fast enough, it’s possible to shorten the duration by changing some assumptions. E.g.:
Crashing: Change the duration of some critical task, e.g., if it is possible to parallelize it by assigning more people to it.
Fast tracking: Allow tasks to be done in parallel by changing the logic in the network diagram.
If tasks can be parallelized (as in building construction) these allow total duration to be greatly reduced.
SAPM Spring 2006: Project Management


For more info
Project Management Institute (PMI): Largest international PM organization; US-based (pmi.org)
International Project Management Association (IPMA):
Oldest international PM organization
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