We All Hear And Chat About The War And Violence That Happens

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We all hear and chat about the war and violence that happens around the world; but do you ever think about what happens to the innocent families and people that their homes and country has suddenly disappeared? Imagine waking up in the morning; in a country you once called home and now is completely gone. Everything you worked your whole life for is vanished. You may be one of the few people who are fortunate to still have family, or perhaps you’re just standing alone wondering if they are alive or if you will ever see them again. This is how most refuges life start; a refuge is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. In the last couple years the world faced one of the…show more content…
Engaging in social topics and politeness rituals is viewed differently and might be confusing to a foreigner. Most of Syrian refuges don’t speak the language of their new host country and it’s a challenge to communicate and start a career. Language is the key to self-identity within a person; it enables the person to express personal feelings and internal thoughts. Communication is very important; because it helps us understand and relate to one another. Most of us are not tolerant with people who we don’t understand. We tend to ignore and pay no attention to someone we are unable to communicate with. In my experience as a Middle Eastern immigrant who settled in the United states. The first couple months or even years are always the hardest. Especially when you have no friends or family to lean on. Adjusting to a more individualistic culture was challenging in the start. However, I began to appreciate having my own personal space and being more dependent on myself than family or friends. The Middle Eastern culture is extremely family oriented and follows a more feminine quality of life. Refuges definitely have to go through this big change while still recovering from distress and shock. Language and culture barriers might not be the only issue Syrian refuges had to face with immigrating to Europe and the United States. Racism is a big issue for Muslim immigrates; most of Americans and Europeans did not approve the immigration of

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