We Are A Product Of Our Pasts

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The phrase “We are a product of our pasts” is not to imply the past is what determines the future; this phrase emphasizes the acknowledgement of how disparities emerge within the world through the examination of past human action. Within these examinations are the answers to how societies should refrain from regulating the modern world in order to promote the survival of the future. The most prominent result of human reluctance in acknowledging this examination of history has begun to take form in the world, and there is no foreseeable anecdote in place to relieve this cancerous consequence. Global warming induced climate change has begun to take its malignant hold on this planet, and it is initiating the thoroughness of its impending devastation in the Pacific. Within the next ten years, Earths purest “tropical paradise” will cease to exist. The people that have resided in this nation are currently taking drastic action to save their sinking islands, their drowning heritage, and their dying culture. These people have limited recourses in aiding in climate relief, and they have virtually no rights in claiming to be a climate change refugee. It was only thirty years ago that this nation gained independence from the most maleficent colonial regime to ever face the Pacific. Now, in the wake of climate change, the only hope for an assured relocation is for this island nation to return to the empire from which it so tenaciously fought to break free. The United States of America…
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