We Are All Failures At Least The Best Of Us

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“We are all failures - at least the best of us are.”- J.M. Barrie. As imperfect humans, we fail everyday. It could be something extreme, or something as little as forgetting to take the trash out. Whatever the situation is, we still fail. A person has to fail to learn from their mistakes. As I think back to when I was a young teenager, I can remember how lost I was. I didn’t know right from wrong, and I took many things for granted. I was lost, confused, and wanted to fit in. Most teenage girls want to feel loved, so they (are or will be) willing to do anything to get that feeling. There are a numerous amount of situations that would make a girl feel loved. In my case, it was a negative situation. (Most people get love and lust mixed…show more content…
It wasn’t fair to let people help me when I let them down. The weeks went by and more and more people would try to help me. After a certain amount of time of being isolated, I finally began to realize that these people wanted the best for me. I started listening to what they had to say and I started accepting their encouragement. Day by day, I started to feel stronger and stronger. (It was when I accepted my loved one’s support) and realized that things will get better. Losing someone’s trust is the hardest thing to gain back. Thankfully, I had such supportive friends/family, that they were willing to earn it back. Accepting the support I got made me see the bigger picture. There’s a purpose in life and you should never give up. Once I started listening to what my (loved ones) had to say, I began to build my confidence back. It was going good until I would go to school. There, people would bully me about it and I would let it get to me. I remembered that my friends and family were there for me though and nothing else should matter. Soon, I began to fight back the bullying. If someone said something to me, I wouldn’t think twice about it...I just kept on going with my day. People started to notice that I wasn’t being torn down by their words anymore so they stopped saying unnecessary comments. Even though my friends were disappointed in me, they could tell I was starting to change. I was more cautious of what I was doing, and

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