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Each of the three major religions in the world shares moral precepts that underscore a fundamental unity. Christianity, Judaism and Islam address diverse issues of morality in their sacred texts. With two billion worshipers, Christianity is the largest religion in the world and is practiced in Europe, North and South America and Africa. The Christians’ sacred text is the Bible which consists of the Old and New Testament. However, the four Gospels in the New Testament describe the saving work of God and his son Jesus Christ and give a guide to important morals .The main day of worship for Christians is on Sunday and many believers gather at churches, cathedrals and chapels to give reverence to their Creator. The second largest religion in …show more content…
Lastly, Judaism is the third major religion in the world. It is practiced mostly in Israel, Europe and the United States of America. The founder of this religion is Moses or Abraham. Each Saturday the Jews gather in a synagogue to worship God. The Torah is Judaism’s sacred text. It contains stories and commandments that teach us about life and death. The Jewish people live in a tightly knit community. They believe they are connected with each other and encourage all Jews to be a part of their Jewish community (<http://www.religionfacts.com/islam/comparison_charts/ islam_judaism_christianity.htm>).

Although each religion is different in many ways they all share common beliefs. All three religions are monotheistic and believe a higher being created them. They believe in order to get into heaven a person must do good acts. Each religion has a sacred text that gives morals to govern people on the right path. They all have forms of conduct that are used to guide the people. Despite each religion’s similarities, they all share slightly different views on important moral issues such as homosexuality, abortion and suicide. Homosexuality is a sexual attraction or behavior between members of the same sex or gender. Christians believe it is not wrong to have an attraction to someone of the same sex but it is wrong to act on a sexual thought. Therefore, homosexuals must refrain from sexual acts. Although there are many denominations of Christianity, Catholics welcome

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