We Are Destroying Our Planet

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that humans are destroying it, I see this issue from a different perspective. Many may say that I’m foolish for believing that our plane is capable of sustaining a large population, but I argue this because I truly see a change happening in our world. While we may always have wars, poverty, mistreatment, illegal activities and natural disasters, many good-hearted people are devoting their life to help our planet grow and sustain a large population. Our planet is already capable of sustaining more people than we currently have on earth, “while population doubled; food supply tripled” (Henrylito 2008). The obstacle that many countries in poverty face can be largely directed on its economy rather than on the earth running out of resources. Countries with undeveloped economy face poverty because they are incapable of buying their resources, not because the resources do not exist. I believe that the solution to poverty as well as sustaining a large population lies in developing free resources. Individuals like Manoj Bhargave, owner of Five-hour energy drinks and CEO of Renew Enhanced Circulation, are one of many wealthy people who are contributing to the free resource idea. His team of leading engineers works around the clock to develop what will eventually help the future generations prevent poverty. One project that the team is developing is called the “free electric bicycle” (The 5-Hour Energy of Bikes 2015). This bicycle generates energy capable of sustaining a household
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