We Are Destroying Yourself Piece For The Sake Of Our Greed

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There was once a little girl who held a flower tight against her chest, smiling for the flash of the camera her father held. The little girl’s face was lit with happiness, forever captured in the sound of that tiny click. Years later who was she to know that everything and nothing would be the same. Time went on and people stopped caring about each other and the world. Every day they burned themselves more and more killing everything beautiful with their greed. They cut down the ancient and giant forests and ate the skins of their brothers all for what? For more pieces of gold? Eventually the little girl too stopped caring about the flowers, animals, and mother Earth. She grew up moved far away from the Earth and the air. Instead of…show more content…
Two major mechanisms are causing sea levels to rise. First, shrinking land ice, such as mountain glaciers and polar ice sheets, is releasing water into the oceans. Second, as ocean temperatures rise, the warmer water expands. Trapped by continents, the water has nowhere to go but up. According to NASA, their latest measurement which was taken in January 2016, sea levels rose by 74. 48 mm. “For more than a decade scientific studies have shown that global climate change is altering the Artic more rapidly than the Earth as a whole” (Weeks 791). When sea levels rise rapidly, as they have been doing, even just a small increase can have devastating effects. As the seawater reaches more inward it can cause massive flooding and contamination of soil. Not only that but marine life is drastically affected. The warmer temperatures has led to an increase in the acidification of the oceans, killing marine life. This change in the oceans not only affects marine life but humans as well. When marine life ceases to exist, every form of life on this planet will go with it too. “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water” (Lorah Eisley). “Earth’s biodiversity, the profusion of plants and animals that work together to support life continues to shrink” (Karaim 498). Species are going extinct at a faster rate than scientists have ever seen. Endangered species range from plants and
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