We Are Imperfect As Human Beings

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At the beginning of time we have shown how we are imperfect as human beings. The explanation we can find in the Bible along with the reading of the Book of Genesis where first humans, Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the forbidden three of knowledge committing the first sin. This infraction against the God caused that he had to punished them for their disobedience. Therefore, there is the difference between the curses given to the first humans and the reason why they are given different courses. Also, there is a fittingness to the punishments and they correspond to the distinct manners in which the man and the woman fell into sin. First, there is a difference between the curse given to Adam and curse given to Eve. For example, God said to Adam “Cursed be the soil for your sake, with pangs shall you eat from it all the days of your life. Thorn and thistle shall it sprout for you and you shall eat the plants of the field.” which means that he really curses the soil, not Adam directly. Adam received a punishment from God that he will need to work very hard for food from now. He lost the ability to stay in the Eden and enjoy this save and good place with plenty of food for him because he was disobedient to God. On the other hand, Good said to the Eve “I will terribly sharpen your birth pangs in pain shall you bear children” which means that Eve will be given a birth with a terrific pain. This judgment from a God was meant that every woman would experience a pain during a…

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