We Are Killing our History Essay

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What do you think of when you think of identity? Is it culture, race or language? When I identified someone’s identity, I will focus on his or her appearance and language. According to the identity’s definition, identity means the qualities and attitudes a person or a group of people have, that make them different from other people. During recent few decades, there are a lot of immigrants arrive to the United States. Some people try to change their life habit and accent to integrate into American society. According to the article “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” wrote by Gloria Anzaldua, she described the idea of losing an accent or native language to conform to the current environment. Although Anzaldua grew up in the United States, she spoke…show more content…
People should proud of their culture and language. Anzaldua describes, “Being Mexican is a state of soul – not one of mind” (92). This result comes after a lifetime of enduring two cultures demand. Gaining the ability to take the good traits from those cultures and producing a scholar for impact current and future generation. Therefor, her sense of pride from her Latino culture opened a door of opportunity into her academic culture. She discovers that her people being patient have endured and she changes to the same philosophy. Knowing she has developed and is a part of new future she accepts these cultures positives side and negatives side and use them to encourage her writings. From the sentence “I will no longer be made to feel ashamed of existing. I will have my voice: Indian, Spanish, white. I will have my serpent’s tongue – my woman’s voice, my sexual voice, my poet’s voice. I will overcome the tradition of silence”(89-90), and “So, if you want to really hurt me, talk badly about my language. Ethnic identity is twin skin to linguistic identity – I am my language”(89). She emphasized the closeness relation between language, culture and identity and explaining that talking badly about her language is a way to hurt her. She can find some validation of her language and culture through Chicano books and Mexican movies. Except for language, or maybe to be more specific, concurrently and intertwined with language is the
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