We Are Linear Thinkers, Yet The World & The Web

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We are linear Thinkers, yet the World & the Web are 3D
How to Connect the Dots from Practitioner to
Business Owner

Take the leap from therapist to business owner! The path to business ownership is different for each individual. The reality is that you can have a thriving Massage, Day Spa or Salon business without being a Massage Therapist, Skin Care Specialist, Nail Technician or Cosmetologist. You can also have a thriving Clinic without being a Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Acupuncturist, Exercise Physiologist, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist or Physician.

Wow! Many if not most successful beauty industry or clinical businesses are not owned and operated by practitioners. They are operated by successful business minded individuals or partnerships and the big ones by multilevel corporations. Where exactly does that leave us? Reminding you that you can be both. As many of the best service industry businesses are built from the ground up starting with Open Minded Service Providers that are looking for a little more out of their lives.

So just what does one need to know in order to think linearly while having a complete three dimensional image of how to proceed in the business of offering individual services. Step one ask yourself is it possible? Now if you said yes then the next step is to get out of your own way. In other words know that it is possible for you to succeed as a business owner as well as an educated and licensed
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