We Are Living in a Corporate Dystopia Essay

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A Corporate Dystopia

Our children are being brainwashed. Not overtly, mind you, and not in any way that would be so violent as to cause alarm with most parents, but subtly and persistently, powerful entities are programming and transforming the next generation of American citizens into obedient attendants and mindless drones. Without the necessary steps taken to prevent it, our future will lie in the hands of men and women who, instead of using a well-cultivated intellect, will feign attack on the problems of their day with the "Just do it." and "Why ask why?" knee-jerk responses of their wasted childhood, leaving real power to reside with their programmers: Coca-Cola, Nike, Disney, et al. By allowing corporations free access
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Also, while we still claim to be the disseminators of factual accuracy in our public schools, more often than not, our teachers are forced to feed our children a government-mandated curriculum which is frequently riddled with historical inaccuracy. And while we have no soma per se, we do have television, which one-ups Huxley's government-sponsored drug in that it mixes an emotional high with a powerful marketing tool, all in one convenient package. It is, in fact, this last element &endash; the barrage of commercial hoopla we must endure every time we turn on the TV or stroll through a mall or even enter a grocery store to buy a loaf of bread &endash; which poses the greatest threat to our status as a thinking, feeling, human society.

In Coca-Cola's 1997 Annual Report, we can see an example of the extent to which multinational corporations dream of market domination and the tactics they would use to achieve it. In the first few pages, one finds a series of two-page, in-house advertisements depicting various scenes from daily life around the world: a group of co-workers sitting down at a break (one of whom is drinking Coke), a water fountain at the Grand Canyon, several women of (supposedly) Chinese ethnicity enjoying each other's company around a cup of tea (with one individual opting instead for Coke). Each image is accompanied by a caption (respectively): "Because they're still called coffee breaks", "Because some fountain drinks are
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