We Are Making A New World By Paul Nash

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Qar— a horrible, traumatic experience that no one can understand until they fight on the front lines of battle fields. Through color and detail, Paul Nash gives us a taste of the horrors of war. His role as an officer inspired Nash to let out his anger through paintings of landscape, thus stressing the lack of hope that people could recover after war. On March 18, the San Diego Museum of Art will showcase an exhibit on Paul Nash’s World War I paintings. The exhibit includes the following famous paintings: Menin Road, Mule Track, and We Are Making A New World. Nash uses detail and dark colors to makes you realize that war is horrific. Nash’s painting, called Menin Road, shows battlefields with flooded trenches and shattered trees. Two men are running in the background through the burned trees. The foreground has concrete blocks and barbed wires, while the background has fire…show more content…
Nash was asked to paint a landscape that depicts World War I for the Hall of Remembrance. The museum, which was intended to celebrate national deals of heroism and sacrifice, was never built. The men lost in between the trees show that they, the creators of the war, are unable to find their way through and fix their problems, once they created them. The painting teaches that it was impossible for a man, animal, or plant to live in that land after war had destroyed it and its beauty. The Mule Track, which is also being brought from the Imperial War Museum, will be exhibited in the San Diego Museum of Art. The painting shows animals from a mule train running away from fire and falling trees. The sky has large clouds of yellow and grey smoke. The painting has sharp edges and a high contrast between dark and light. Completed July of 1918, the Mule Track is one of the most iconic images of the western front. The details allow us to interpret the
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