" We Are Marshall" Movie Review

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" We are Marshall Movie review Running head: Assignment Two Assignment Two – Movie Review Kevin A. Michael University of Oklahoma SWK 5333(980) – Diversity and Oppression September 25, 2010 Professor: Dr. Mary Brandt Assignment Two – Movie Review Reason for Choice of Movie The selection of film, I have chosen, is based upon my infatuation with the very intriguing storyline it offers. At first, one may believe that the storyline is nothing more than another movie concerning football. However, the storyline offers a combination of a beloved American sport, along with touching accounts of the lives of each main character, as they dealt with grief and despair independently. Most importantly, the storyline depicts the…show more content…
82).” One example of narrative storytelling is revealed within the scene in which the university president inquired as to why the Lengyel was seeking the position. Lengyel responded that he regards his family as his team and imagines the loss of a family member is equal to the loss of the town, and that he can empathize with the pain of the community, and wants to help the town with their loss. This metaphor was a narrative story that allowed the president to relate to Lengyel’s reasoning for wanting to revamp the football program. Another example was the scene in which Lengyel was attempting to convince the assistant coach, Red Dawson, to return to the program. The assistant coach expressed that he couldn’t continue as assistant coach due to his guilt over having allowed another person to take his place on the “doomed plane.” In addition, he cited another reason, as he feels responsible for the fate of the players as he personally recruited a majority of them and ensured their parents he would keep them safe. Shortly thereafter, a locomotive train passed. This allowed Lengyel to create a metaphoric reference as he associated the passing train as having been the same train which derailed a couple of years ago and is now “back on track.” This metaphor was the source of reflective thought, which helped Dawson make the connection between the train having gotten back on track
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