We Are Not Immortal, Or Why Are We Vulnerable To Death?

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You might be wondering why we are not immortal, or why are we vulnerable to death? That question has a clear answer to some. In religious cup of tea, we, humans, are not immortal because of Adam’s sin, the original sin. Basically, when God created the first man, Adam, we are supposedly immune to death. Adam is immortal but the moment that he disobeyed God’s command to not eat the forbidden fruit, our immortality vanished. Adam’s sin made us vulnerable to death thus, making us all mortal. Had he not committed the original sin, we would have been exempted or immune to the death of our earthly bodies. We are not the same as God who is eternal that is why we are not able to live endlessly because we are all mortal. Mortality is the state of having a beginning and an end. God created us to be happy and to fulfill the mission we have to do in our lives, but then we are all sinners and death is the punishment for it. In the Bible, the first man and woman was tempted to eat the fruit of the tree in the Garden of Eden when Satan came along and told them to eat it, as a result of disobedience, God sent them away from the Garden of Eden and made them vulnerable to death. Another perspective regarding our mortality is that God did not…show more content…
When we become detached, that is the only time that we can truly see the entire picture of why we did certain things in our lives and that we can truly understand the reasons of the choices we made in our life. We also believe that when we finally understand the reasons, that is the only time that we cease being judgmental towards ourselves. We instead look for it as a learning experience of who we really are. Nevertheless, we always need to trust ourselves and do not forget the Lord and His words because without Him, we are not here in this world. And always remember that the Lord our God has greater plans for
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