We Are Nothing : Empowering Staff

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At a job fair, a recruiter informed me about entry level positions at her company. At the end of our conversation, she said, “If you are not title conscious, you can also apply for these administrative assistant positions.” After leaving her booth, I wondered why she did not include the administrative assistant jobs when mentioning the other entry positions. This encounter highlights the importance of association– what does a person’s job say about the individual? In the article “We are Nothing: Empowering Staff” author Beth Baker highlights the association of an individual’s job to his or her self- worth; a nursing aides’ job of feeding, cleaning, and caring for the aged population— ignored members of society— is considered a dirty, hands-on activity. Because of the job’s acclaimed pollution, the position calls for minimal entry requirements and provides low pay. Expanding the maxim ‘show me your friend and I will tell you who you are,’ this essay argues that American society links an individual’s identity and self-worth to zir job; a position’s requirements, competitiveness, interacting population, and working conditions reflect upon the individual. A job description’s grammatical phrasing and associating unfavorable work conditions with disadvantaged populations can divert mainstream society from working with these populations. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the job, nursing aide as: “numerous job openings, modest entry requirements, low pay, high physical and
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