We Are Our Greatest Assets

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“People are our greatest assets (Tidd, J. & Bessant, J., 2016, p107).” People, especially those who have high knowledge and capabilities, are doubtless a fundamentally utmost resource in an innovation. However, putting the identically capable people in the two similar firms can lead to significantly different accomplishments (Christensen, C.M., & Overdorf, M.. 2000). This is not only caused by some subtleties between the two firms, but also the working environment—in other words—innovative culture.
While processing and managing innovation, the particular innovated spirits and substance of a company, including innovated values, beliefs, norms, company’s structure and working environment, is fostered and advanced. According to Margaret Rouse (2015), innovative culture cultivated by a company’s leader “generally subscribe to the belief that innovation is not the province of top leadership but can come from anyone in the organization.”
For seeking a dominant position while competing among a market, both tangible forces—including people, equipment, and technologies—and intangible forces—like product designs, brands, and reputation—are required to a company. Innovative culture in these, is an intangible force. As it involved every employee in a company, innovative culture can set up a company’s working spirit, stir creative thoughts, motivate people to work efficiently, and empower a company’s core competency among the markets. Thus, creating and maintain an innovative culture…
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