We Are Striving For Academic Excellence

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Even though the school has only a mission statement many are not aware of what this is. In a discussion with different staff members I got several different answers as to what is the current mission. One teacher said “I think it is we are going to educate kids across communities, learning styles, racial lines and socioeconomic situations but also in the process of changing so not sure right now”. The teacher gave what they felt the mission of the school should be. Another teacher gave the answer of “as per what is written or what we perceive it to be, the mission is to create excellent students who are competitive in a global environment, but it says we are striving for academic excellence I think our current mission goes beyond the statement we have”. So from these two answers you have a split as to what the mission is for a building that both have been employed in for about five years.
If you have these two teachers on different pages you are sure to find that there are more teachers who have an idea of what they believe the mission to be, and more that may not know that a vision does not exist. One tool that can be used to assess all teachers is a four column immunity map. The idea of this map came from Tony Wagner and Robert Kegan. They created this map with the understanding that “… leaders must understand and bring together the challenges of both organizational and individual change to successfully lead improvement processes in schools and districts” (Grogan, 2013,…
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