We Can, But Dare We?

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We Can, but Dare We? Social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the use of smartphones have quickly integrated themselves into our everyday lifestyle. With the constant advancement of technology, it is no surprise that this trend has affected not only the personal lives of user 's but also their work environment as well. It is important that future healthcare workers understand the many rewards and challenges technology can bring to the workplace. First developed in 1993 by IBM, smartphones quickly took the market by storm. Providing users the ability to access large databases directories at the tip of their fingers. This is critical in the medical field because it allows healthcare workers to access the information needed to provide patients with the care they deserve. Physicians, nurses, and technicians can use this technology to look medical records and past diagnosis to create future care plans for the patient.For example, the simple use of the cell phone pictures could favor in formulating a medical or nursing diagnosis. The enhanced technology regarding smartphones and digital cameras are now being tested as diagnostic tools. Some physicians are considering this process as a mean of time and cost efficiency, as well as a way to develop existing diagnostic and management practices (C., 2010). As technology continually advances, smartphones are becoming more like computers. However, we need to keep in mind the primary purpose a phone can provide in

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