We Can But Dare We Essay

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We Can But Dare We: A Look into the Use of Social Media in Healthcare Sydney Sobocinski Chamberlain College of Nursing NR360: Information Systems in Healthcare September 2014 We Can But Dare We: A Look into the Use of Social Media in Healthcare In the world today, smartphones are becoming the “norm”, with basic phones becoming nearly obsolete in recent years. Pairing the overwhelming presence of social media with the rise in usage of smartphones brings to light an entirely new set of problems and challenges regarding patient privacy. According to a 2010 study conducted regarding various boards of nursing, 67% of executive officers surveyed reported receiving complaints about nurses misusing social media (Spector & Kappel,…show more content…
This can be extremely useful for people wanting to make lifestyle changes regarding nutrition and fitness, especially those aiming to lose weight and become healthier overall. Moreover, social media can be very beneficial to patients suffering from chronic conditions as well as their family and friends (Norton & Strauss, 2013). For rare diseases local community support groups may not be available. Social media steps in to fill this void by offering users a variety of different online support groups, blogs, newsletters, and networks. Individuals can use such resources to reach out to others with similar issues, find much needed support during difficult times, and become aware of treatments and medications that worked for others with their same illness that may prompt them to contact their doctor about other possibilities in treatment options. When used properly, smartphones and social media can be very beneficial to healthcare providers and patients. Disadvantages of Smartphones and Social Media in Healthcare Unfortunately, along with the good must come the bad. For every positive aspect of smartphones and social media in healthcare related settings, there is an equally negative aspect. One pitfall of smartphones in healthcare is directly related to one of the positive aspects of smartphones: the availability of medical
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