We Can Love Too

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We Can Be Lovers Too In this day and age it seems that there is no romance left in our society. Sex is easily accessible with things like Internet porn and social media chatting, that we (as men) no longer have to try to attract a girl to us. The effort of romanticism is gone. The new generations of young men do not know what it means to show affection, romance or love. There still is some hope for romance and chivalry. Despite all of the social media distractions the young men in our society have to find a way to bring back the gentlemanship of generations past. Most of the time before two and a half years ago, 19 years old, I was one of those guys who I am talking about in this piece. I would go out to wild parties and hook up with…show more content…
He told me not to waste my time on her. Her name is Samantha. One night Kenny called me to accompany him on a date. His girl didn’t want their fist date to be awkward so she asked my friend to bring someone so they could all go together. I owe my friend a lot because out of our three other best friends, I was the one that he called to go with him. We drove separately to the movie theater because we live about 15 minutes from each other, in opposite ways of the movie theater. Kenny and I waited in line at the box office, waiting for his date to show up. We then hear a girl scream the name “Kenny”. We turned around and see his date Katrina, who was screaming his name, and behind her was Samantha. Samantha was wearing a grey sweatshirt, blue jeans and had her hair up. And was absolutely beautiful. I could tell at first she didn’t really want to be there, she walked up to us with her head down playing on her phone. She looked up and said hi to Kenny, then glanced over at me. Kenny introduces me and I reach out my hand to give her a handshake. She looks puzzled at first but she reaches out as she puts her phone into her pocket. I gave her a nice gentlemanly handshake, one she was not familiar with. Instead of grabbing her palm and shaking firmly, I grab her fingers and gently shake her hand. The movie was good, even though I kept looking over at her to check if she was looking at me. When it was done we were all talking about what we were doing
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