We Can Make America What America Must Become A Nigger

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Change is inevitable when traveling through life. People, countries, or societies will evolve to improve who they once were. America has been a country that has encountered many changes and improvements in society; particularly in the racial sphere. Baldwin wrote, “We can make America what America must become”, which shows how he believes that it is the duty of the people to change America (10). He uses “We” to show his belief in, not only his nephew (who he wrote this letter to), but also in the citizens of America. Baldwin views the evolution of America as one that transcends the stereotypes of race, the hypocrisy of religion, and evolves towards the acceptance of the individual. “You can only be destroyed by believing that you really are what the white world calls a nigger” (4). One of the main points in Baldwin’s letter to his nephew is that if one believes he is only capable of what is already dictated to him, he will not be able to achieve anything else. As Baldwin grew up, he saw his friends turn to drinking or dropped out of school. However, Baldwin continued his education and was able to become a writer instead of a drunk or a criminal. “The white man sure is a devil. He proves that by his own actions” (65). The white was seen as a devil by the blacks. Elijah and his group thought that there were no benevolent whites; Baldwin was delusional to think he was friends with a white. But Baldwin saw the whites as innocents, not devils. They were simply
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