We Can Not Spell Bullying Or Stupid Without ' Iu '

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Jonathan Lien
Prof. Daniel Fladager
English 106
20 November 2015
You Cannot Spell Bullying or Stupid without ‘IU’ The act of bullying in the school setting has been a recurring theme in American History, as it is still ubiquitous despite efforts from mediators, programs, speakers wanting to fix this situation. Though many people may consider such efforts futile, bullying is a real-life situation and it is important for students to understand that it is unacceptable for their peers to feel undermined from it. Bullying is something that is common, as it has persisted in different forms such as racism, misogynism, cyber-bullying, or simply old-fashioned bullying. Even in worse-case scenarios, bullying may cause pressured individuals to think …show more content…

As people grow older and become more mature into adulthood, they often push aside the memories of being bullied, and attempt to forget it ever happened in their childhoods. But for those who have hands-on experience with being bullied — and there are many — the shame and fearfulness of having the memories of being inflicted with such pain can last a lifetime. According to Sarah Morris, legal expert, “37 percent of American students are affected by school bullying; but continue to resume their days despite feeling tormented” (Wanjcurt 11). As students get older, and into the college level of academics, they are mature enough to grasp the concept of bullying, and such bullying can result in the bullied committing acts simply because they are emotionally distraught. Purdue University does not have an issue of bullying, but it does not mean that bullying does not still exist at the reputable university. Elizabeth Farrington, an expert on women in higher education, has defined campus bullying as behavior that tends "to threaten, to intimidate, to humiliate or to isolate members of the working university environment” (Wanjcurt 1). Bullying does not toughen up the mind, but instead reduces it to emotional turmoil, which is evident in college settings as there are usually multiple reports on school bullying annually.
Despite what seems to be a friendly community, some forms of bullying do persist, even though it is not necessarily direct. Cyber-bullying,

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