We Can Stop Global Warming Essay

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As human beings begin life in the 21st century, the possibilities seem endless. The technological advancements of the past few centuries have rid us of many of the problems that once plagued our species, including deadly diseases and wide spread famine in many places, yet it is all of our technology that may ultimately prove to be our undoing. The byproducts of the modern, technology-driven world are carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and they are the leading cause of the current global warming crisis. The U.N. scientific panel of 2007 concluded that the evidence of global warming is \unequivocal.. Also, in agreement with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the U.N. scientific panel supports the claim that…show more content…
Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is the most well known of the greenhouse gases and is produced in the greatest quantities by humans. In the United States alone, coal power plants produce 2.5 billion tons of CO2 per year, and U.S. automobiles produce an additional 1.5 billion tons (NRDC). The links between global warming and human emissions are present in the piles of data we have, and these links are becoming more evident each day, even happening right before our eyes. While we may have just started noticing the current warming trend, the greenhouse effect causing the increase in global temperatures is not a new phenomenon to hit the planet; in fact our planet would be a frigid 0 degrees Fahrenheit (‹F) instead of the current average temperature of 57‹F if there were no greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at all (NOAA). The heat-trapping abilities of greenhouse gases help make life on the planet Earth possible, but it is the man-made influx of greenhouse gases from the past two centuries.the majority of which is carbon dioxide.that has made the current warming trend different from previous ones. The average surface temperature has risen nearly 1.4‹F in the past 100 years, and North America has been one of the hardest hit areas (NOAA). In addition, seven of the eight warmest years on record have occurred since 2001, the warmest being 2005 (NOAA).
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