We Can Stop Global Warming Essay

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Earth, home of billions of people and thousands of different animal species, under goes changes every night and every day. Some changes take years to be noticeable and others can be noticed right away. Climatic warming, also known as global warming has been causing changes that Earth and its inhabitants have been dealing with over the years. Climatic/global warming is the average temperature of Earth's near-surface air and ocean over a period of time. Earth is similar to a green house because a green house traps the radiation of the sun and helps the plants grow, and Earth contains gases called greenhouse gases that create a “blanket” and trap the radiation and the heat given out by the sun. What happens when too much heat is being trapped …show more content…
Nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%), carbon dioxide, water vapor, and other gases (together 1%) are the greenhouse gases that make up the earth’s atmosphere. The green house effect is the process that aids in heating the Earth. Carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane are able to change the balance of the Earth’s heat by absorbing the long wave radiation. Though this gases balance out the heat preservation, when there is a lot of this gases too much heat is absorbed causing temperatures to rise. Figure F-1 in Appendix A, shows that the sun releases radiations and most of it is absorbed by the earth’s surface, but some is reflected back to atmosphere. Some of the infrared radiation in re-emitted by the greenhouse gases this causes (1) warming of the earth’s surface and (2) lowering of the atmosphere.
Human, their actions, and their creations are what are killing our own planet. People need to understand that the causes for the dramatic increase of temperature are their own fault. Carbon dioxide released from fossil fuels is one of the most significant causes of global warming. Whether it be a car, airplane, or train, carbon dioxide is being released as a result of making the machine work. Disforestation, excessively cutting of trees, is also causing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to increase. As we know, plants release the oxygen needed in order for animals and plant to survive. Trees are
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