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We can then continue to graphing: Even though we can see that the damage multiplier goes down as you acquire more Armor or MR. From the Effective Health formula we can see that EH increases linearly with Resistances, because even though there is a fraction, it still fits with the y = mx + b format, where in the example, the y-intercept is 500 and the slope is 5, if we expand the equation. Additionally, the domain is x > 0 because it is impossible to have less than 0 Resistances in the game and the range is y > 500, because that is what I set the base to be. We can see that there is a 1% increase in EH per point of Resistance, a linear increase in EH. In the instance of the example graph, I used 500 Health and 0 Resistances as a base. At…show more content…
We can convert those values into terms of Gold per stat point to get: 1 Gold per 0.05 Armor 1 Gold per 0.056 Magic Resist 1 Gold per 0.375 Health Using that we can then generate an equation to find the values of when the cost of a Resistance is equal to the cost of Health. Therefore telling us when to buy more Health versus when to buy more Resistances, depending on the value of the other. Since 1 Gold of HP grants a person EH equal to 0.375 + (0.375 Resistances100), and 1 Gold of Armor grants EH equivalent to 0.05100Health Points, equating these two will allow us to find out when they are of equal value, like so: 0.375 + (0.375 Resistances100) = 0.05100Health Points We can then rearrange this equation in terms of HP to become: Health Points = 750 + (7.5Resistances) Then create a table of values: Resistances Health 0 750 100 1500 200 2250 300 3000 400 3750 And graph to become: The line produced by the linear graph represents when the cost of HP and Resistances are equal, telling us that when one’s HP is above the line, buying HP grants less EH for the same cost, compared to buying a Resistance, and when a player’s HP is below the line, buying HP would be grant more EH per Gold than buying Resistances. With all characters in the game having a starting maximum HP of between 478 and 626, and starting Resistance values between 16 and 31, it is clear that because all characters have statistics that can be plotted under the line, at
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