We Can Use Mass Media And Social Media

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My classmates and friends helped shape my political opinions by being a source of information for me. Hearing news from my peers and then hearing their opinions on this news kind of persuaded my beliefs because I would feel that I need to fit in and to do so I would have to conform to the beliefs of others. In the early years of my life I did not have much of an opinion and I didn’t believe that my beliefs mattered. I remember hearing a lot about how my vote doesn’t matter, and how I am just a single fish in an entire sea. This meant to me that my voice would not be heard. Now I know that this isn’t true, and if any American wants to be heard, there are numerous methods of speaking. We can use mass media, social media, we can write to our legislators, and we can even express our first amendment rights. The process of political socialization occurs from as young as we can remember and continues through to adulthood. All throughout my youth I would listen, while others would talk about how something was not going their way, and therefore, blame the government for this. Even in school, teachers would refer to how a certain political figure, or legislative action would condemn them to lesser pay than they deserve. To balance these actions teachers, form unions and can express their first amendment right and peacefully assemble to protest their wages. I’ve seen it over the entire course of my education. There are many instances where I witnessed individuals assemble for or

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