We Didn T Start The Fire Analysis

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During the 1930’s America faced depression, child slavery, war and many more overwhelming issues. With the sorrow America went through over years, came artists with stories creating beautiful music. Artists effortlessly made music personally on how they felt and it became anthems of horrific or priceless moments about America. Wonderful works such as “Brother Can You Spare Me A Dime” by Jay Gorney and “We Didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joel, sums up the trials and tribulations America has been through. Jay Gorney’s song reflects a time of lamenting loss of identity, respect, and income. During the great depression many people felt misguided about the oh so great American dream because the symbolic American dream seemed almost impossible to reach during such a crisis. In Billy Joel’s song, he summed up everything his generation got blamed for and tried to clean it up some of the mess it inherited. Such as: Marilyn Monroe, Richard Nixon, H-bomb, Malcom X and AIDS. Following the history of the…show more content…
1930’s songs about racism and freedom has helped and bought everyone together. America is still overcoming the pain and sorrow of slavery, including the freedom America represents. Songs representing freedom and racism are: “This Land is your Land” by ¬Woody Guthrie, “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday, The boxer by Paul Simon and “The Times They Are A-¬Changin” ¬ Bob Dylan. The messages greatly impacted Americans and change start to happen; creating new laws and amendments that helped African Americans have their freedom and be able to progress here in America. Music brings people together of all races and religions. That is the beauty of music, bringing people together creating interest. Through the sorrowful and heroic moments America has been through it help get situations done. If it weren’t for music would we have accomplished all that we
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