We Don 't Have Any Job Openings

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As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”, I have considered this quote as one of most influencing quotes that I used in my life that was, and still, full of challenges from all kinds. Speaking of my career progression, I have been enjoying turning a challenge into an opportunity and making a success from fail. “Unfortunately, we don 't have any job openings”, this was the response I have received when I asked one of the university professors inquiring about a vacancy for a part-time architectural drafter at his firm during the third year of my studies at the School of Architecture. Due to family…show more content…
Although I was happy to secure that job, I faced the challenge of making the balance between my university studies, the work and supporting my family. I used to work and study for more than 12 hours per day and sometimes I had to work during weekends to meet a deadline. This challenge has negatively affected my GPA, however, I was very proud that I supported my family while I was studying and working. That tough time helped me to develop a lot of skills; a hard worker, a fast learner, and well organized was appreciated by the top management in the firm in two ways; financially, I got promoted three times in two years in which my salary was higher than a graduated architect, and technically, where I was selected to be a member of the firm 's team that included top managers and architects that were responsible for exploring new opportunities.
After almost two years at Aly Azzam Architects firm, one day in mid-2001, the office manager asked me to come to his office and he said that this month will be my last month with the firm, I was shocked and I asked about the reason for laying me off, he answered “It is not a lay-off, it is a promotion”, then he explained “There is a new major project that requires our firm to work as joint venture with Omrania Architects firm that owned by Professor Magdy Mossa - the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at that time - and the Professor has selected you from more than 30 architectural designers and intern architects in our firm
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