We Don 't Think About God That Way

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“We Don’t Think about God That Way” In the past, Kent had been a minister, and that pious position swirled in my brain, as his verbal grilling continued. His tone indicated he needed a topic to grasp onto and asked what the theme of the book happened to be. Like a programmed patriot, I garbled, “God’s sexual presence within humanity.” At that point, the man’s voice seemed to fade off, like a befuddled soul in a fog. Subsequently, he then said rather bewildering, “Once more, just how am I supposed to visualize that?” My pulse raced, as a nauseating wave came over my body, and I anticipated I was on the edge of evidently having a heart attack. Unquestionably, I knew what I needed to relate, but my response seemed paralyzed! Subsequently, without skipping a beat Kent assumed impudently, “We don’t think about God as sexual, nobody does, and this may not be doctrinally sound, possibly going against Biblical teachings; which may cause an enormous amount of anxiety for people.” Immediately, flashes of furious, red-faced Christian preachers emerge before my eyes, with “Abomination” being screamed, (with Billy Graham there waving a pair of my faded bloomers)! It became evident this once intended inspiring conference with Kent, somehow ignited into what one could assume existed as a witch burning and he came across as being ready to activate the fire. Still, fighting off Kent’s verbal flames, I asserted, “I believe a person’s relationship with the LORD exists similar to the same
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