“We Don't Live Alone. We Are Members of One Body. We Are Responsible for Each Other.” Explore the Ways in Which Priestley Conveys This Message to the Audience.

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They are the words of Inspector Goole; they are the views of John Boynton Priestley; the message of the play. In An Inspector Calls, Priestley conveys this to his audience; Inspector Goole represents Priestley’s views and his morals. Priestley wrote An Inspector Calls to further enhance this message; he portrays these views through the character of the Inspector in the play itself. The play is classed as a murder mystery/psychological thriller, however it is in fact a play of morality and [the title quote] is the underlying message in which we are to learn from. We are all equal, regardless of class; we are responsible for each other; we should try to help others. I think that Priestley was trying to show his audience that every action can …show more content…
This is also ‘marking the moment’, which makes the audience suspect that this may not be the last we hear of Gerald’s secret and it will perhaps be exposed as the play progresses. Another example of tension is when Mr. Birling tells Gerald about his possible knighthood, but refuses to tell Eric about it when he re-enters the room; tension is present because the audience do not know why Eric is not to be involved in the conversation. In the play, the tension continues to increase- the peak of tension being at the end of the acts where the cliffhangers lie. Another effective device used by Priestley is the timing of exits and entrances of the Inspector. He times the entrance of the Inspector so that he appears just after Mr. Birling has made his speech, as if to discredit everything Mr. Birling has just said. This is also giving the audience the impression that the Inspector is almost superhuman; almost ghost-like- his name being Inspector Goole.
In An Inspector Calls, there are things that we, as an audience, are unsure about. Who is most responsible for Eva Smith’s death? Was there really a girl called Eva Smith who committed suicide in the infirmary? And, most importantly, who is the Inspector? Well, Inspector Goole is in fact not a real police inspector; his assertive and impatient manner
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