We Exist to Be for One Another

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"We exist to be supernatural occurrence laborers for each other," originates from Sr Joan Chittister, who happens to make the point that truly, it is in group, when we live congruously with others, that we are called to develop.

Story has taught this from multiple points of view, and as of late I re-read an old story, yet this time with fresher eyes and ears, as I held these words in my brain and heart.

In 'The Bremen Town Musicians', a jackass, puppy, feline, and chicken, all past their prime, their helpfulness to their holders now at an end, are abused, soon to be disposed of by their managers.

One by one they leave home and signing up with one another, they set out for Bremen, a town in Germany.

The characters never really touch base in Bremen, however its huge that it is named in the title, as it was a town known for its flexibility.

There, they want to procure a living as musical performers, envisioning they have an ability for this.

On the way, they come to bungalow and catch four thieves devouring and partitioning their sick gotten picks up.

Remaining on one another's backs to show signs of improvement look, the hungry creatures choose to perform for the men in any desire for being given a supper.

Their "music" - a clamor of whinnying, crowing, mewing and yapping cause the terrified men to run for their lives.

The creatures revel in the relinquished dinner…
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